Welcome to Affordable Tiny Homes

A sustainable lifestyle can free you up from exorbitant mortgages to focus on things that really matter – no more debt till death!.

Choosing Tiny over Traditional isn’t just about financial freedom. It’s about reshaping your life to living smarter, going green and producing a smaller carbon footprint.

Having to use space more efficiently gives more meaning to possessions you choose to keep and frees up finances to spend on amazing experiences, rather than a big mortgage.

Granny Flat Alternative

Studio / Office Space

Off-Grid Living

Temporary Accommodation


  • Affordable housing solution to Australia’s increasing housing affordability crisis.
  • Tiny house tiny loan, so you can be debt free sooner.
  • Our tiny home is classed as a Caravan, hence they are generally exempt from council approvals, saving you time, money and hassles with councils.
  • Built off site so no mess, no construction noise, nor interruptions to you and your neighbours.
  • A growing need for young generation, as parents try to help their youngsters get independent -provides a stepping stone to create their own financial future, while living in the suburb they know and love. Giving them a sense of pride and comfort in having their own home.
  • A growing need for ageing parents, who are considering moving in with their adult children but having separate spaces.
  • Low impact, low cost, sustainable living, with flexibility to take it with you to your new destination.

Some Photos From Our Work

With unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, our tiny homes are well built and built to last. Before you begin, we are thinking not just about form, function and cost, but also feel, flexibility and your satisfaction.