Our interest in tiny homes was born out of our own need for additional space to accommodate visiting family members during Christmas. Perusing the plethora of council requirements, we realised that time was not on our side and the cost estimates kept rising. Having to pay over $10,000 in council contribution fee for a granny flat, in addition to all other fees, just didn’t seem worthwhile. So we did the next best thing – started looking for alternative housing and fell in love with the tiny house concept.

However, it wasn’t until we viewed the world through the eyes of our Millennial children, that opened our hearts and minds to the emerging needs of our community and our planet. Having on board 2 talented carpenters and a banking & community services professional, each with over 20 years experience in their field, we got started on our goal to make housing affordable. Inspired by Sustainable Living in Tiny Spaces, we share our passion to create new solutions to make your housing dream come true.

Granny Flat Alternative

Studio / Office Space

Off-Grid Living

Temporary Accommodation

Our strategy is to design and build affordable tiny homes that

  • make effective use of space;
  • are safe and comfortable to live in;
  • have less impact on the environment;
  • use durable and low maintenance materials;
  • provide an internal environment that is thermally and acoustically comfortable;
  • reduce the need for artificial lighting and climate control through appropriately positioned windows for natural ventilation and light;
  • are cost effective to run, when it comes to using resources like energy and water more efficiently;
  • are suited for a diverse range of people;
  • meet your needs through as many stages of your life as possible;
  • help you minimise social impact and give you the opportunity to stay in your neighbourhood.

As the industry keeps innovating through new technologies, we continue to advance and improve on our models to make them smarter, environmentally friendly and economically sustainable, allowing you to save money on the cost of living over the life of your tiny home.


You can rest assured that your tiny home is built strong with quality finish, giving you a stylish and spacious self-contained home, that offers value for money.