Stage 1: Base stage

This is the start of your project and includes working out your design specifications and building the trailer ready for your tiny house build.

Stage 2: Frame stage

This is when the skeleton of your house is built on top of the trailer base. It includes the internal and external support structures, walls, roof frame, sheeting, insulation as well as conduits for electrical and plumbing.

Stage 3: Lockup stage

At this point we can literally start locking up the tiny house because your windows, doors and remaining walls are installed.

It is also safe for plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers and other tradesman to begin fitting out the tiny house.  At this point your tiny home starts to take its shape.

Stage 4: Fit-out stage

Plumbing, electrical (including lights and power-points) and other fixtures and fittings are installed, such as internal cladding, cornices, architraves, flooring, cabinets and shelving, kitchen, bathroom, vanity, mirrors, tiling, etc.

Stage 5: Completion stage

This is basically where all painting, installations and final touches have been completed and you are ready to move in.